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Welcome to the spring 2018 issue of the iNner Circle! Take a peek at our upcoming EnrollMatch workshop, check out our new Leadership Bootcamp, and learn a new Enrollment Solutions tip. Meet our featured Nn team member, along with the newest additions to the Nn Family. You can also catch us in Orlando this June for the first AACAP conference.

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AACAP Conference

EnrollMatch® Workshop

Leadership Bootcamp
Now Available

Nn Featured Presentations

Enrollment Solutions Tip:
Engage Prospects
for Improved Conversions

April Tales from the Trail: Students Love Paper Materials – Even in the Digital Era

Giving Context to Google Search – The importance of schema markup to boost your SEO

Upcoming Virtual Training Dates

Nn Spotlight: Linda Carruth

New Faces

CECU Annual Convention & Expo

“I have been in the higher education admissions field for 35 years,
and this was the best training I have ever been to!”

With an opportunity to further develop your individual skills as an admissions professional
Norton | Norris invites you to our energetic headquarters located in the heart of Chicago!

Join us on July 18 – 20

This is an excellent opportunity to:
Enhance your individual skills as an admissions professional
Preview EnrollMatch prior to adoption

For returning participants:
Refresh your skills
Work towards Senior Certification

Can’t make the trip?
Join us online for a live training session.
We can bring EnrollMatch to you!
Recent EnrollMatch® Training Photos
Workshop Photos
Leadership Bootcamp Now Available

Here’s a great way to shape leadership at your institution: Send your team to Chicago for our three-day workshop, Innovative Leadership in Higher Education.

Our inaugural session debuted on May 14th with rave reviews from participants. Topics included:

  • Understanding adult learning theory
  • Building resourcefulness through increasing awareness and flexibility
  • Prioritizing the top 5 initiatives that could help improve student outcomes/retention
  • Reviewing 360 assessments against perceptions of self



Nn Featured Presentations

The Nn Leadership has been on the road lately presenting at:

  • FAME – April 24
  • FAS – May 4th
  • Ohio-Michigan-Kentucky Association – May 11th

Here’s a slide from one presentation with a homework assignment.


Wonder why these questions are important or want to talk more about low-budget ideas that will produce high-yield results? Call or email to set up a time to talk with Dr. Jean, Vince or one of our experts.

Enrollment Solutions Tip: Engage Prospects for Improved Conversions

MGCStudent engagement continues to be a concern for colleges and universities across the country.  We see low contact rates and communication challenges as students shift away from the phone in favor of text, chat, or simple self-serve solutions.  Two years ago Nn began pilot testing an automated admissions software (MyGuidance Coach) that allows students to explore fit, take assessments, brainstorm goals and review relevant program information completely on their own.

In a recent A/B test, prospective students who used our MyGuidance Coach – automated admissions advising system – were compared to students who simply requested information and did not utilize the software. MyGuidance Coach students enrolled at 3x the rate. Looking for a proven technique for increasing conversions in an ethical and compliant manner? Look to MGC!! Call or email us today to schedule a demo.

Have you read the Norton|Norris Blog?
Here’s a sampling of what you can find there:
April Tales from the Trail: Students Love Paper Materials – Even in the Digital Era
imageBy Andrea Gunning

There’s nothing easier for a college admissions representative than grabbing a USB memory stick, handing it to a prospective student, and sending them home with all of the information they could possibly need...

But are students leaving with digital materials that they can’t even use?

In our travels, we’ve been noticing that quite a few schools have jumped at the chance to modernize their materials and have started to hand out digital catalogs, either on CDs/DVDs or USB memory sticks. As part of a collection of materials, our field agents have liked the memory sticks as a backup for the information if they lost the information sheets they received. However, most of the evaluators reported that CDs and DVDs were essentially unusable to them – most laptops no longer have disc drives, so they’re little more than shiny donut-shaped coasters.

Giving Context to Google Search –
The importance of schema markup
to boost your SEO
digital marketing By Vince Norton

It’s something virtually every organization out there with any kind of web presence finds itself struggling with constantly—how can we improve our Google search ranking?

We all know this is one of the great mysteries of the universe. For years different strategies have emerged, disappeared, and emerged again. It seems like every month there’s a new tactic or algorithm that’s the next surefire way to conquer Google and break from the blur when it comes to search.

And of course, it never really does. Or does it?

The simple truth is that there is no magic bullet when it comes to improving your search ranking. But one sure thing you can do is stay up-to-date and make sure your content is optimized to the best of its abilities, based on what we do know those characters out in Menlo Park are up to.

Upcoming Virtual Training Dates


  • 6/13  – A New Model of Customer Service for Higher Education Professionals 
  • 6/22 – How to Listen with Your Eyes and Respond with Meaningful Actions
  • 6/26 – Triple Position: How to Shift Perspectives for True Understanding


  • 7/10 – How to Build Rapport with Anyone
  • 7/17 – Connecting with Today’s Student – Introduction
  • 7/24 – Connecting with Today’s Student – Advanced
  • 7/31 – It’s All About Attitude!


  • 8/7 – Presenting the Compelling Value of Your Institution
  • 8/14 – Using a Career Action Plan, Best Practices
What are people saying about our
Virtual Training

"It is a useful reminder of what we should be doing and why, very helpful.”

"Good workshop.  Felt it was relevant and not overblown but practical and accurate to real student engagement scenarios.”

"The information that is presented allows advisors to touch every surface of the prospect needs.”

It truly helped me to become a better Admissions rep.”

Learn More about Live Virtual Training –

Nn Spotlight: Linda Carruth

You won’t see Linda Carruth walking the halls of Norton Norris’ home office in Chicago very often. But that doesn’t mean her presence isn’t felt at the company daily. It is.

Linda, in her position as a Senior Account Manager in the Assessment Department, is a powerful example of how effective working remotely can be. Not to mention the fact that it’s people – not proximity – that determine the quality of a professional team.

“At first, I wasn’t sure how I’d take to working from home most of the time. But I found that it wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. It helps when you have such an amazing group of co-workers who communicate so well together.”

New Faces

Tara Brabant
Digital Marketing Manager

TaraTara joined Norton Norris in early 2018 as a Digital Marketing Manager. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from Winthrop University, in her home state of South Carolina. Tara has been working in the media world in various capacities for over 13 years. She joins the digital marketing team at Nn and manages several Google and Facebook PPC campaigns. She is certified in both Google AdWords and Google Analytics. When not working, Tara puts her theatre degree to work as a Stage Manager for several Chicago theatre companies.

Martin Engle

Social Media Intern

MartinEarlier this year, Martin joined the Norton Norris team as a Social Media Intern. Apart from handling several social media accounts, Martin is currently attending Loyola University Chicago and majoring in International Business with a minor in Economics. With a knack for creative work, he’s a talented writer who can clearly express emotion and tone in both short pieces and long narrative works. Forever passionately curious, Martin finds himself always exploring new ideas, and pushing limits. Although a diligent worker, he finds it difficult to work with people who are into cars. He believes far too much time will be wasted talking about them.


Doug Lockwood
Senior Facilitator

DougDoug joined Nn in April as a Senior Facilitator for our training department! A graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communication, Doug Lockwood has been working in higher education for the past 20 years. He has “lived” almost exclusively in the admissions arena and has worked in nearly every possible position in college admissions. Outside of his commitment to seeing admissions “done right”, Doug enjoys spending time with his talented and artistic wife and two amazing children, as well as putting as many miles on his road bike as possible.

Lynneice McNutt
Social Media Intern

LynneiceLynneice joined Norton Norris’s marketing team in March 2018 as a Social Media Intern, and has since had the opportunity to assist on projects in production, enrollment solutions and more. She was able to develop an individualized degree at Illinois State University that allowed her to study Art History, Graphic Design, and Writing. Lynneice has enjoyed every minute of her internship at Norton Norris, and appreciates the supportive environment she works in. In her spare time, she enjoys weight lifting, drawing, writing novels, and studying foreign language.

Juan Garcia
Website Management Intern

JuanJuan recently joined Norton Norris as a Website Management Intern, helping maintain and update various client websites. As a self-taught front-end developer, he can take any design and implement to the web using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. During his spare time, he likes to work on side projects, trying to become a better developer and adding more skills to his already impressive arsenal.

Come see us in Orlando at the CECU Annual Convention & Expo as Vince and Andy present Marketing Speed Dating – Round Two
Jean and Shannon will be presenting Growing Your High School Student Population – Why Now is the Right Time! in conjunction with a panel of high school counselors. Also join us immediately following CECU for AACAP’s first member meeting.
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