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Just think. You’re sitting in your office one day, and you open an email to discover that you and five colleagues have been “voluntold” that you’ll be attending a three-day seminar with Nn in Chicago.  A variety of thoughts float through your head:


Then you look a little more and see the agenda. Hmmm, interesting. It includes a 360-degree assessment to be completed by you, your peers, and your employees. And the entire focus is on leadership dynamics in the education sector.

Fast-forward three months. The session is over.  Let’s look back from one participant’s perspective and get his view:

Name: Thomas
Position/Organization: Campus President, XYZ Technical College, Southern City, USA
Date attended: May 15, 2018

Thoughts/expectations coming in: I experienced training from Norton & Norris before, and I knew that the training would be challenging and professionally presented.

Comments about the program itself: The Profile XT assessment is a key survey that’s part of this course.  It requires you to be self-reflective and honest if you want to receive the full benefits of the training. Sometimes, it is hard to look at yourself objectively and answer questions honestly. I believe that with the assistance of Dr. Jean Norris and her staff, I was able to be introspective.

How you benefitted the most: Role playing with my classmates allowed me to put into practice the training I received. The benefit of that was that it created a safe atmosphere for making suggestions about improvements that could be made in real-life situations.

What did you leave with? I left with the satisfaction that I had received the training I needed to help me obtain my goals in both my personal and professional life.

What has changed in your approach to leadership since you returned to your campus? There are several tips that were given that I try to incorporate in my day-to-day operations. One tip that I really try to use is the “Pause.” This allows me to give an issue the attention it needs.

Any other closing comments? I enjoyed the training I received from Norton & Norris. It was professional training with a personal touch.

Interested in learning more about our Leadership in Higher Education workshop?
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The full version of the Innovative Leadership in Higher Education (ILHE) workshop boasts approximately 20 hours of training and provides an advanced understanding of leadership concepts and self-awareness for those currently serving in leadership roles or those who aspire to lead. Participants will develop a greater understanding of their leadership skills through a combination of assessments, developmental tools and templates, communication mastery, videos, self-reflection, and real-world examples of leadership in action. In addition, participants will gain an understanding of leadership challenges and dynamics in today’s marketplace, with special focus on the education industry. Participants will develop a personal leadership development plan to implement at any leadership level or position.


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