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Hard to believe we’re sharing our Fall 2018 iNner Circle! Where has 2018 gone? So much has happened here at Norton Norris, Inc., and we have a full schedule ahead! This newsletter provides a glimpse of the things we’ve done and what we’ve been up to over the summer. Be sure and check out our blogs, and join us for a virtual training session soon! Read on for more details!

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Changes in AdWords and YouTube

By Andy Beedle

imageGoogle's ad platform has evolved once again! All of Google's advertising services have been gathered under a new brand name called “Google Ads.” Your YouTube video, search, and display campaigns are now all available from a single login — and Google has unleashed a host of powerful new tools that, when used properly, will make your ad spend more efficient and increase the size of your prospect pool.

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Changes in AdWords and YouTube

Leadership in
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Hodges University:
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The Power of Drip Marketing

DIY Social Media Videos

Don’t Lose Sight
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Mystery Shopping Results

Virtual Training Schedule

Upcoming Conferences
Leadership in Higher Education
Learn more about yourself, and create an action plan to move forward

Just think. You’re sitting in your office one day, and you open an email to discover that you and five colleagues have been “voluntold” that you’ll be attending a three-day seminar with Nn in Chicago.  A variety of thoughts float through your head:


Then you look a little more and see the agenda. Hmmm, interesting. It includes a 360-degree assessment to be completed by you, your peers, and your employees. And the entire focus is on leadership dynamics in the education sector.


Fast-forward three months. The session is over.  Let’s look back from one participant’s perspective and get his view:

Name: Thomas
Position/Organization: Campus President,
XYZ Technical College, Southern City, USA
Date attended: May 15, 2018

Thoughts/expectations coming in: I experienced training from Norton & Norris before, and I knew that the training would be challenging and professionally presented.

afterComments about the program itself: The Profile XT assessment is a key survey that’s part of this course. It requires you to be self-reflective and honest if you want to receive the full benefits of the training. Sometimes, it is hard to look at yourself objectively and answer questions honestly. I believe that with the assistance of Dr. Jean Norris and her staff, I was able to be introspective.

How you benefitted the most: Role playing with my classmates allowed me to put into practice the training I received. The benefit of that was that it created a safe atmosphere for making suggestions about improvements that could be made in real-life situations.

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Brent Passey, VP of marketing/admissions at Hodges University in Ft. Myers/Naples, Florida, knew it was time to reconnect with the University’s primary adult-student population. It had been some time since the University had concentrated on messaging and really telling its story and unique value proposition. Brent knew what he wanted to communicate. And he knew the message needed to spread across traditional and digital media. At the same time, the internal population of students, faculty, and staff needed to understand and embrace what Hodges was really about.

But how to connect the dots? Hodges has a long history of serving adults and helping them advance. The combination of on-site and online classes with options for associates, bachelors, and masters had been popular with adults for years. But the brand needed fresh graphics, images and messaging to cut through the clutter and reposition Hodges University as the place for adults to complete a degree.

Take a look here and see how we featured HU grads and leadership in retelling the story.

The Power of Drip Marketing

drip marketingI don’t get it.  Why do so many purveyors of private, for-profit education ignore their current prospects and focus continuously and exclusively on new prospects? Wouldn’t it make sense to also remarket to the pool of existing students? Share news and information? Send a newsletter? Remind them of upcoming start dates? Maybe even segment the list and develop communication specific to each recipient’s program of interest?

Years ago — 10 years ago, to be exact — we did an A/B test and mailed six different communications over 90 days to one group of current prospects; in turn, a second group of prospects from the same date range got nothing.

Guess what? The group that received ongoing communication enrolled at a rate 37% higher than that of the control group that received no communication.  In spite of this, here we are, 10 years later, facing the same on-going philosophy of “I want more new inquiries.”

Just in case you were (wisely) considering options for reconnecting with your current student population, here’s a chart  with outcomes from this summer.  Take a look — and then call us to talk “re-marketing.”
DIY Social Media Videos

videoIf your school uses social media, you know how important video is. Clearly, video is the dominant form of content for grabbing your audience's attention, and it will continue to dominate the focus of most marketing plans and media budgets.

Norton Norris has a unique recommendation for shooting footage that will produce content for social media videos:


Ultimately, the need to increase engagement remains a goal, and we have the solution to do this without breaking the budget! Learn more about Nn’s Social Media Video Production packages:

Have you read the Norton|Norris Blog?
Here’s a sampling of what you can find there:
Don’t Lose Sight of the Silver Lining
When using mystery shoppers to assess your staff’s performance, don’t focus solely on the negatives.

imageMaking sure your institution’s admissions staff is performing to the best of its ability and consistently representing the school in a way that leaves a positive impression on prospective students is, obviously, a very important thing.

That’s why more schools are utilizing “mystery shoppers” to provide feedback immediately following their visit and/or interactions with admissions counselors. At Norton Norris, we’ve been a national leader in providing these assessment services for more than 20 years now and have seen firsthand the impact that these assessments can make.

Mystery Shopping Results
Norton Norris’ 20 years of experience in reviewing enrollment practices has added substantial value to admissions processes at campuses nationwide. Mystery shopping is the primary tool used to provide recommendations in five key compliance areas. Below is how Norton Norris helped one school improve over the span of a few years.
Virtual Training Schedule


  • 10/31 – The Student EmpowerMent Approach (SEA)™: A Framework for Success in Pre-Enrollment Advising (Part 4 of 4)


  • 11/2 – Presenting the Value of Your Institution: Sales Skills in a Non-Sales Environment
  • 11/7 – Putting the SEA in Place: Integration, Processes, and Practice
  • 11/13 – Becoming a Licensed EM Trainer
  • 11/19 – EM Licensed Trainers – Expanding Your Knowledge
  • 11/20 – EM Licensed Trainers – Best Practices in Facilitation
  • 11/27 – EM Licensed Trainers – Teach-backs and Future Integration


  • 12/11 – Presenting the Value of Your Institution: Dealing with Difficult Questions
Upcoming Conferences


  • 11/7 – 11/9 – ACCET: Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training
  • 11/13 and 11/14 – CECU CEO Summit
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