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Welcome to the summer 2017 issue of the iNner Circle. We share info about the Second Annual Career Education Admissions Symposium, infographic tips, ideas for jumpstarting your digital recruiting and more. Take some time to meet our Virtual Trainers and check out our upcoming workshop!

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Rejuvenating Your Team!

Symposium imagesThe Second Annual Career Education Admissions Symposium was held Tuesday, June 6th as a pre-conference workshop at the Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) Annual Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Once again, the Symposium brought together leaders and industry experts in higher education to share their insights into the admissions profession.  This year’s event focused on the importance of career education across a number of sectors: high schools, community colleges, four-year institutions and of course, career colleges. The workshop kicked off with high school counselors, a community college president and an associate professor from the University of Notre Dame sharing their experiences working with students specifically interested in career education postsecondary options.


In This Issue
Rejuvenating Your Team!

EnrollMatch® Workshop

Why Infographics Work and
Are Important

6 Tips to Jumpstart
Your Digital Recruiting in 2017

Is College Worth It?

April Tales from the Trail:
Fun with Smartphones

Virtual Training

New Employees

Refocusing Admissions &
Faculty to Improve
Student Outcomes

Automated Admissions
Fun Facts

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Join us at Norton | Norris headquarters in beautiful downtown Chicago
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July 19th-21st

This is a great opportunity to:

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Why Infographics Work and Are Important

By Randy McCarthy

Infographic ExamplesAn infographic is simply a visual image, such as a chart or diagram, used to represent information or data. If someone were to ask you just 15 years ago what an infographic was, chances are you’d have no idea. Yet the amount of infographic searches had risen nearly 800% from the year 2010.

What makes an infographic more appealing to the general audience over other forms of marketing?

  • People find infographics visually appealing
  • Increase comprehension of complicated subjects
  • Improve SEO and increase search marketing results
  • Increase subscribers and followers
  • Portable and easy to embed
  • Interest grows over-time
  • Make target visitors stay longer
  • Increase brand awareness and reach
  • Popularity and usage of infographics is growing

Source: Smart Insights

6 Tips to Jumpstart Your Digital Recruiting in 2017
By Dr. Andy Beedle



The first half of the year has come and gone. The elation of the massive influx of traffic at the beginning of the year has subsided and normal patterns are now in place — which oftentimes are influenced by those holiday blues, as consumer habits shift. But don’t despair – the digital outlook for remainder of 2017 looks brighter than ever, and we are here to give you some solid (and easy-to-execute) tactics that will improve your results.

To give you a well-rounded toolkit, we’ll be giving you some pay-per-click tips by covering three features of AdWords that can change the game for you. Then we’ll dive into social media and show you two killer tactics that can yield significant gains in engagement with your profile page. Finally, we’ll address SEO by talking a little bit about Google algorithm updates and what to do about them.


Have you read the Norton|Norris Blog?
Here’s a sampling of what you can find there:
Is College Worth It?
imageBy Jean Norris

Let’s face it. With staggering debt, a substantial time commitment and no promise of gainful employment, is a college education worth it?

Deciding on going to college or even finding the right college depends on how one actually defines value, doesn’t it? For some, the value of a college education can come in the form of self-development. The sheer opportunity and joy of learning and growing can be enough to motivate someone to attend college and rationalize the expense. And yet others are looking for a more definitive return on investment such as a job immediately following graduation that pays enough to cover the bills and have a meaningful quality of life. Even more so, a college education should also pay dividends into the future through promotions and even higher earnings, right?

Is college worth the cost?

April Tales from the Trail: Fun with Smartphones
imageBy Andrea Gunning

Students that are part of the younger generation really like to use their smartphones – for everything besides phone calls! Since it can be difficult to reach students on the phone, admissions representatives should be working to engage in ways that are most comfortable for them. In our trail travels, we’ve come across more than a few instances of what we’d call bad phone form!

When an interested person calls, are representatives prioritizing them just as they would with a student at the campus? Prospective students who’ve taken the time to call in will form lasting impressions based on the conversations they have and treatment they receive. Unprofessional conduct can have an immediate negative impact that reflects poorly on the whole school. Is your ideal institute of higher learning also a place where yelling is considered an acceptable means of student communication?

Virtual Training
Meet our Virtual Training Master Facilitators who bring hundreds of years of hands on experience working in the field as C-level administrators, faculty members, admission professionals, life coaches, enrollment management leaders, trainers, deans, compliance experts, school counseling professionals, accreditation experts and evaluators.   LEARN MORE  arrow

Elizabeth   Kevin   Shannon   Mike   Carol   Jean
Elizabeth DiSanto
Master Facilitator
  Kevin Connaughton
Director of Training and Development; Enrollmatch® Master Facilitator
  Shannon Gormley
National Director of Enrollment Solutions; Enrollmatch® Master Facilitator
  Dr. Mike Lanquette
Master Facilitator
  Carol Woodard
Master Facilitator
  Dr. Jean Norris
Managing Partner, Enrollmatch® Master Facilitator
New Employees
RandyRandy McCarthy
Director of Digital Marketing
Randy graduated from the University of Illinois - Champaign/Urbana with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and works with digital marketing and web development – generating inquiries via e-mail & social media campaigns, landing pages, pay-per-click (PPC) ads, and SEO. When he isn't learning about the next new marketing tactic you can find him playing tennis, enjoying a swim or out exploring the world.
  HaideeHaidee Carrasco
Marketing Intern
Haidee graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a minor in German Business. Haidee began her time at Norton Norris as an assessment evaluator intern for 5 months before being transitioned into a marketing intern position. Haidee manages social media campaigns in our marketing department and in her spare time she likes to volunteer as a softball coach, go hiking, and attend Cubs baseball games.
Refocusing Admissions & Faculty to Improve Student Outcomes

analyticsIn May’s webinar, Refocusing Admissions & Faculty to Improve Student Outcomes, admissions and faculty experts dispelled  the outdated perception that admissions only brought students into the institution and faculty taught them – and the two did not mix!  Nn’s very own, Kevin Connaughton and Dr. Gary Carlson, shared their ideas and best practices for new ways of doing business and ultimately improving student and institutional outcomes.  Did you miss this highly attended webinar?  Never fear…click here to view the recording and take those ideas back to your campus!

Don’t Miss this Upcoming Webinar!

webinarCareer education is making headlines when it comes to post-secondary opportunities. Join Nn’s own, Shannon Gormley and High School Counselor, Carla Cheatham in their upcoming webinar:  Advising Students Interested in Career Education on Wednesday, August 9th at 11:30am CT.  Carla and Shannon will share how career education has grown in the U.S., the skills counseling and advising professionals need to help student successfully navigate this education choice and partnership opportunities to help serve these students to a higher degree.  We look forward to seeing you there!  Click here to register today

Automated Admissions Fun Facts

By Shannon Gormley

MGCImagine this – an admissions professional that works round-the-clock, weekends and holidays!! Where do you find such an individual – look no further, we’ve got the solution! Believe it or not, automated admissions helps fill a gap when you’re not working. That’s right. MyGuidance Coach (MGC) serves prospective students 24/7 providing the ability to go through the admissions process on their time, receive customized information specific to their needs, and create a plan to get started. Whether it’s nurturing inquiries or attracting new inquiries for your institution – MGC can help.

Just check out the following:

  • Over half of MGC inquiries enter after the admissions office has closed for the day and even on the weekends.
  • Up to 60% of MGC inquires indicate a desire to start classes within 6 months.
  • 80% of students who created a plan indicated that “Yes, this is the school for me.”

To learn more about using automated admissions advising at your school…call us directly at (312) 262-7433 or email We look forward to helping you!

CEA & AMP Annual Convention
July 16th – Las Vegas, NV

Shannon Gormley presents Getting to Know You –
Critical Components for a Successful Campus Tour/Visit

Join us to learn and share ideas on the components necessary to improve the student experience and define the skills sets necessary from your admissions team to improve performance and retention!

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