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imageFirst quarter is quickly coming to a close, and the first signs of spring will soon be upon us! Join us as we discuss trends in higher education and share practical tips and knowledge you can use. Plus, there’s still time to schedule training for your team...check out our upcoming webinar and workshops!

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Rejuvenating Your Team!

As we move through the winter months, thoughts of spring give us inspiration for longer, sunny days!  At the same time, your team may be in need of a boost after a tough year. If you’re contemplating what to do to inspire the spirit of your team, consider that investing in them will improve accountability, creativity, employee growth, and retention. Specifically:

InspireImproved Accountability – When employees feel they are an integral part of the team, they are less likely to let others down. They will put in the time and effort to complete their tasks successfully to support the greater good of the organization.

Inspired Creativity – When working in a positive environment, there is safety in sharing ideas and giving constructive feedback. This leads to new and innovative solutions.

Employee Growth – In a fun, safe environment, the team naturally pushes teammates to higher performance levels. When the members see a colleague rise to the occasion, they also push themselves to perform at higher levels.

Improved Retention – When people truly understand they are valued and making a difference, they are more likely to stick with an organization through hard times, too.

If you’re looking for a meaningful event to inspire your team, consider a workshop at your campus with a variety of topics to meet your goals. Our facilitators are experts in helping participants discover their strengths and opportunities for growth, while opening their minds to understanding (and appreciating) others they work with!
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Rejuvenating Your Team!

Big Data Reveals the Need
for Automated Admissions Advising

EnrollMatch® Admissions Training

EnrollMatch Essentials

Career Education
Admissions Symposium

4 Things Your College Admissions Team Is Probably Missing

Think Automated Admissions
is a Fad? Think Again!

Why Free College is a Bad Idea

How Career Colleges Can Regain Public Trust
(and Why It Matters)
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Big Data Reveals the Need for Automated Admissions Advising
Presented by:
Dr. Jean Norris – Norton | Norris Inc.
Vince Norton – Norton | Norris Inc.
Christine D’Elia – Berkeley College
March 1, 2017 | 1pm CST

Thousands upon thousands of mystery shops across the country, student surveys;
social trends, and automated admissions software data sets all come together
to paint a very clear picture you need to hear about.  Join us for a look at how
all points lead to opportunities to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness
of your recruitment, compliance, enrollment, and retention efforts in 2017!

EnrollMatch® Admissions Training
EnrollMatch Admissions Training
March 29-31 – Chicago, IL
Improve student and organizational outcomes with advanced training for your admissions team on the art of Pre-Enrollment Advising and the “5 Factors of Fit."
NOW AVAILABLE! EnrollMatch Essentials

Send your faculty and other team members to Day 1 (March 29)where they’ll gain incredible insights and learn valuable tools to connect with today’s students! Learn more!

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Have you read the Norton|Norris Blog?
Here’s a sampling of what you can find there:
4 Things Your College Admissions Team Is Probably Missing
image By Andrea Gunning

You may have already heard about the vastness of our travels by diligently following our curiously entertaining blog Tales from the Trail, but in case you haven’t yet discovered it, you might be unaware of our ongoing journeys from sea to shining sea. You also may not know that we have quite a variety of evaluators in our stable of investigative talent, all of who report to us about their campus experiences from the perspective of a prospective student.

We’ve noticed a few things along the way – we’re able to help identify trends in admissions and financial aid departments. We see things schools are doing really well and things many schools are missing or lacking.  Here are the top four things we find schools overlooking.

Why Free College is a Bad Idea
By Vince Norton

imageOn Wednesday, January 3, The New York Times reported that Governor Cuomo was following the lead of Oregon and Tennessee and unveiling a proposal to make public college free to New York residents under a specific income level – with one twist. Unlike Oregon and Tennessee, which make a two-year education at the community college free, Governor Cuomo has expanded the concept to most four-year state schools in New York. Free college – how fortunate for New York residents. Or should I say, how unfortunate?

Think Automated Admissions is a Fad? Think Again!
By Shannon Gormley

imageFor many Americans, technology has become a consistent presence in our lives. We use it to connect with people, see what’s happening in the world, shop, and get information. Given the versatility that technology offers in our lives, it seems natural to apply technology to automate processes and procedures to help us become more efficient personally and professionally. As a former admissions professional, the idea of automating certain admissions processes makes a great deal of sense. Automation would allow admissions professionals to focus on what’s most important – their prospective students – rather than spending their time processing paperwork and performing less meaningful tasks.

How Career Colleges Can Regain Public Trust (and Why It Matters)
By Jean Norris

You may have heard of the recent issues facing Volkswagen after it designed cars to cheat on tailpipe emissions tests. The bigger problem arose when company representatives blatantly lied about it.

Writing in The New York Times, Danny Hakim observed: “The reaction to the scandal has been swift. A recent Harris Poll of Americans’ attitudes toward the 100 most visible companies ranked Volkswagen dead last.”


Career Education Admissions Symposium
CECU Annual Convention Pre-Meeting Admissions Symposium Workshop

June 6 – Las Vegas, NV

Join us to have every question you ever wanted to ask about admissions FINALLY answered!
This Symposium brings together top speakers from community college leadership,
high school guidance counselors, and training and credentialing specialists, along with career college industry leaders, to discuss best practices and the future of the college admissions profession.

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