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Fall Issue of the iNner Circle

Welcome to the fall 2017 issue of the iNner Circle. We share info about opportunities in career education admissions and a quick digital marketing tip, and we pay homage to our unsung heroes working in compliance and more. Take some time to meet our featured Nn team members, and help us welcome the newest additions to our staff! And don’t forget to check out our upcoming workshop right in downtown Chicago!

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Norton|Norris Supports Its Houston and Florida Partners

Before we dive into our newsletter, the Norton Norris family wants to show our support not only to our partners in Houston and Florida, but to every individual impacted by the devastating hurricanes. It is predicted Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have left an economic cost of around $290 billion, destroying everything in their paths. It is devastating times like this that we as a country need to come together to help one another. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted by these disasters; if you wish to make an impact on those affected, please visit to learn how you can make a difference.

In This Issue
Norton|Norris Supports Its Houston and Florida Partners

EnrollMatch® Workshop

Admissions Symposium Unveils Exciting Opportunities in Career Education Admissions

Featured Project: Wrap It Up!

Digital Marketing Tip: SEO

Digital Corner: Featuring Faculty and Alumni Profiles on Your Website and╩Beyond!

August Tales from the Trail: We’re Not Ready to Enroll!

Bad News – Beware of Buying Education Leads from Vendors

Nn Spotlight: Andrea Marello

New Faces

National Compliance Officer Day

Online training opportunity at a discounted rate

Join us at Norton | Norris headquarters in beautiful downtown Chicago
for an EnrollMatch® admissions training workshop,
or contact us to deliver at your location!

October 23 – 25

This is a great opportunity to:

Enhance your individual skills
Preview EnrollMatch® prior to adoption
Refresh your skills if you are a former EnrollMatch® participant
Work toward your Senior Trainer Certification if you are a current EnrollMatch® trainer

Admissions Symposium Unveils Exciting Opportunities in Career Education Admissions

By Carla Cheatham, School Counselor, Bremen High School and Shannon Gormley, National Director of Enrollment Solutions, Norton Norris, Inc.

symposiumThe second Annual Career Education Admissions Symposium was held Tuesday, June 5, 2017, as a pre-conference workshop at the Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) Annual Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event was generously sponsored by Norton Norris, Inc. and gave leaders and experts in higher education the opportunity to share their insights into the admissions profession and career education.

The concept of the Admissions Symposium was introduced in 2015 when a group of leaders in career education, community colleges, high schools and higher education professionals came together to discuss how to serve students to a greater degree and give key influencers in the career education space the chance to get involved in meaningful dialogue to enhance the college admissions profession.


Featured Project: Wrap It Up!
By Dan Schiffmacher

We recently “wrapped” up a project for Toni & Guy’s Cosmetology and Esthiology programs. Between this and last year’s RSI train project, vehicular wraps are a great way to expose your brand to thousands on foot and on the road! Do your outdoor ads look this good?


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Digital Marketing Tip: SEO
By Randy McCarthy

Be sure all of your images have ALT text. ALT text is also known as “alternative text,” which is the text applied to images on your website. Google and other search engines use these ALT tags to see how relevant they are to the content around it. Not only that, but they are beneficial to those who are visually impaired and using screen readers. Always be sure to add ALT text to your images.

Not sure how your website is performing? We’re happy to do a complimentary website audit. Just contact us!
Alt tags
Digital Corner: Featuring Faculty and Alumni Profiles on Your Website and Beyond!

digital cornerBy Lavonna Tatum-Tunstall

Think back to your favorite teacher or instructor. Do fond memories of a class well taught, unique teaching style, or just great engagement with the instructor and students come to mind? I know the feeling; I’m a Facebook friend with one of my favorite professors from years ago. Your students feel the same way about their instructors. When we shine a light on those special instructors/faculty members with a blog post on social media, students are instantly engaged. Many post warm sentiments or just a simple “Like.” But it shows how great this instructor is... and this instructor is at your school. Keep in mind that potential students are also viewing the comments, which can help them feel confident about enrolling at the school, knowing there are great staff members ready to help them along the journey. Additionally, this is a positive review about your school and great recognition for the staff member.

Who on your staff would be a prime candidate for a Faculty/Staff Spotlight?

Have you read the Norton|Norris Blog?
Here’s a sampling of what you can find there:
August Tales from the Trail: We’re Not Ready to Enroll!
imageBy Andrea Gunning

We’ve noticed along the trail that a variety of tactics are used to encourage prospective students to enroll. We go into every interview expecting representatives to be focused on building relationships, answering questions, and highlighting the great things the school has to offer. Most of the time, that’s exactly what happens! We’ll have a great interview, full of valuable information and genuine rapport-building, so the conversation more often than not turns to talking about how to apply or enroll.

Bad News – Beware of Buying Education Leads from Vendors
imageBy Vince Norton

Unfortunately, many schools that are buying leads from lead vendors are naïve and uninformed as to how the inquiries are really being generated. Because the inquiry comes in via a form that is emailed to the school or posted into their CRM, the school officials believe that the inquiry was submitted by the student, like the scenario described above. Sometimes this is true, as prospective students complete the process explained earlier. But sadly, over half of the inquiries that schools are buying don’t come from a student completing a form. Nope. The inquiries come from a call center.

Virtual Training: See you online!

Upcoming October Training Dates

  • October 3: 1pm - A New Model of Customer Service for Higher Education Professionals
  • October 10: 2pm - Connecting with Today’s Student – Introduction
  • October 17: 1pm - Faculty Class: TBD

Upcoming November Training Dates

  • November 3: 10am - Collaborative Principles
  • November 7: 12pm - The Student EmpowerMent Approach (SEA)™ - A Framework for Success in Pre-Enrollment Advising (Part 1 of 5)
  • November 14: 12pm - The Student EmpowerMent Approach (SEA)™ - A Framework for Success in Pre-Enrollment Advising (Part 2 of 5)
  • November 30: 12pm - The Student EmpowerMent Approach (SEA)™ - A Framework for Success in Pre-Enrollment Advising (Part 3 of 5)
What are people saying about our
Virtual Training

“The training touched and explained the importance of our role as an enrollment representative. It also discussed valuable techniques to use that will create a great experience for the student. I enjoyed the sections on Listening & Communication Hierarchy.”

“Excellent material. I look forward to sharing this with my instructors. Thank you.”

“Great training for helping students reach their short- and long-term goals.”

Nn Spotlight: Andrea Marello
AndreaNorton Norris’ Andrea Marello has been an amazing asset to the team over the past five years, beginning as a freelance editor and now as client account manager. Before ever embarking on her journey at Norton Norris, Andrea began her career as most do, as a student.

Andrea began her education as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she completed a year in AmeriCorps as a social worker during her senior year. After completing her bachelor’s degree at U of I, Andrea went on to study law at Loyola University, passing the bar exam upon graduation. Upon the completion of her education, Andrea, now an attorney, began working at a public defender’s office doing trial work. After doing some amazing work as an attorney for some time, she turned her focus to family, bringing Andrea and her skill set to Norton Norris.

New Faces
Rahul Trivedi
SEO Analyst

RahulRahul Trivedi has recently joined Norton Norris as an SEO analyst. Rahul was brought on to contribute to current SEO project success. He is also currently pursuing his MBA with a specialization in digital marketing from Concordia University in Chicago. Rahul also earned his bachelor’s degree in information technology. Rahul brings with him five years of experience in digital marketing, which includes social media, remarketing, and content marketing. In his spare time, Rahul enjoys playing cricket and is a very skilled bathroom singer.
  Dan Schiffmacher
Video Editor/Digital Media

Dan Dan is the video editor/digital media guru at Nn. Dan will be shooting and assembling videos for the marketing team, as well as helping out with any other creative that they may need. When he’s not working, Dan talks to animals for his own podcast, which can be found on Second Wind Collective, a podcast/art collective site he created. He’s a University of Buffalo alum, and he comes to Chicago from Buffalo, NY.
  Taylor Harris
Project Coordinator

TaylorTaylor earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Taylor first joined Norton Norris back in January as an assessment evaluator intern and found her intern experience unique and loved traveling the country. In her free time, Taylor enjoys drawing, painting, browsing YouTube and Pinterest for creative tutorials, and designing clothes. Taylor is ecstatic about joining us downtown and looks forward to managing her own projects very soon.
National Compliance Officer Day

certificateBy Connie Esparza

Overseeing the regulations, policies, and procedures of an organization and ensuring it conducts business ethically and legally carries a heavy load. That’s why, on September 26, Norton Norris, Inc. is celebrating National Compliance Officer Day.

Congratulations, compliance officers, for your dedication to doing the right thing and influencing the culture of your organization.
Online training opportunity at a discounted rate!

Live Virtual Training provided by Norton Norris is the highest quality training in the most flexible format!
Whether you’re looking for proven performance improvement, a short, motivational workshop,
or an entire certification process, we have the options for everyone on your staff!

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