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Spring Issue of the iNner Circle
This spring, new things are budding here at Norton|Norris, Inc. MyGuidance Coach (MGC) is taking bloom, Marketing is blossoming and growing, and Mystery Shopping gets into the weeds to discover what’s really happening at our campuses.

In this issue, we preview the Admission Symposium for Career Education Professionals; share an exciting case study featuring MyGuidance Coach® (MGC); and reflect on Mystery Shopping/Assessment’s “Tales from the Trail.” Also, check out the latest article from Dr. Jean and Shannon in Career Education Review and register for the upcoming EnrollMatch® workshop July 13-15th – the last workshop sold out 2 months in advance!

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Calling all Career Education Professionals: Admission Symposium Thursday, June 8th

megaphoneHave you heard the news? Norton|Norris, Inc. along with the Grandview Group are hosting the first ever Career Education Admissions Symposium for high school counselors, career college admission professionals, and community college leaders.  Velocify is the official sponsor of the event featuring speakers and panels to delve into challenges, best practices and a plan for moving forward in college admissions. Join leaders from across the country at this one-day symposium for those working with prospective students in marketing, admissions, recruitment, advising or management.

In This Issue
Calling all Career Education Professionals: Admission Symposium Thursday, June 8th

Advising for Fit: The Common Thread Between School Counselors and College Admission Professionals

EnrollMatch® Admissions Training

MyGuidance Coach® (MGC) – Pre-Enrollment Coaching Continues to Deliver!

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Where in the World is Nn?

Recent and Upcoming Conferences & Presentations

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Complimentary Webinar: May 24th at 11am CST
“The Certified Admissions Professional...Are You Ready for the Future?”

Are you ready to take your career as a college admission professional to the next level?
Join us for this FREE webinar focused on understanding the new role of the
admission professional, specifically the challenges that college admission professionals and
high school counselors face and how to partner more effectively with high school counselors
in the ever evolving admissions role. Participants will also learn what professional development
opportunities can help bridge the gap between college admissions across higher education.

Advising for Fit: The Common Thread Between School Counselors and College Admission Professionals

By Shannon Gormley, Licensed School Counselor, Type 73/National Director of Enrollment Solutions and
Dr. Jean Norris, Managing Partner, Norton|Norris, Inc.

puzzleA common theme seen when working in college admissions and high school counseling is the desire to make a positive impact on students’ lives and help in determining pathways to success in school and beyond. Both high school counselors and college admissions professionals are no strangers to the increased focus on student preparedness when it comes to post-secondary education and the options available. School counselors and college admission professionals have experienced a number of changes that have impacted their profession, such as increased expectations related to college and career readiness, professional challenges encountered in achieving those expectations, and identifying opportunities to improve student success and outcomes for all.


EnrollMatch® Admissions Training
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DON’T WAIT! Register now for our EnrollMatch® Admissions Training in Chicago July 13-15, 2016! For $795 you will get a life-changing experience (read the quotes below if you don’t believe us) including: 3 full days of training, a 200 page workbook with tools you can put in place immediately, and the chance to visit the beautiful city of Chicago!  Space is limited so register today! Please call or email Kevin Connaughton, Director of Training and Development at
EnrollMatch® is more than just an admissions training workshop; it’s a complete training solution! Your license gives you access to face-to-face training to get your team started, and then offers webinars, eLearning, discussion forums, and train-the-trainer options to reinforce learning!

In addition, EnrollMatch® is the FIRST and ONLY admissions training program that has been reviewed and approved by regulatory counsel for consistency with accrediting and federal admissions related standards! **

**Dunn & Davison Law Firm
MyGuidance Coach® (MGC)– Pre-Enrollment Coaching Continues
to Deliver!       

MyGuidance CoachNeed a solution to improve your show rates? Well MGC is designed to intrigue and engage prospective students who don’t initially require a face-to-face campus visit and/or prefer a self-serve approach.  Not only will they learn more about themselves through our patent-pending coaching process, they’ll receive information on your school completely customized to their needs.  The best part…it’s complete FREE for your prospective students and they can “Raise their Hand” to connect with your admissions team when they’re ready! Check out the results below from another one of our colleges this month: 


Have you read the Nnew Norton|Norris Blog?
Here’s a sampling of what you can find there:
Mystery Shopping/Assessment

imageJust as April showers
bring May flowers, misrepresentations bring misunderstandings.  In our trail travels, we find a wide variety of responses to seemingly simple questions like, “How much does this program cost?”  Or, “Is this an accredited school?”

Roberto began to state the programmatic accreditation while referring to the School Catalog, but only said that they were accredited by "the Accrediting Bureau of blah blah blah".



Two out of three prospects leave their interview without a follow up visit scheduled.  For the mathematically inclined, that’s 65%.


Training & Development

Success in Training: Something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is practice.  Being a mom of three involves a lot of running from one practice to the next and it can be overwhelming trying to manage staggered drop off and pick up times, practice days and non-practice days, and who I’m picking up from practice all after a full day of work!

imageKEEP READING  arrow

Higher Education Admissions

imageWhy Aren’t For-Profit Admission Reps Fighting Back? Ask a college admission representative how they chose their profession and you’ll most likely find many simply fall into the job with the promise of changing students’ lives. Who wouldn’t love to do that as a profession? The job title of admission representative doesn’t quite fit what they do either; but in the private, for-profit...


Where in the World is Nn?
Our master facilitators are out and about delivering training across the country – from snowy Colorado, through South Dakota, to sunny North Carolina.  Can you believe our team has trained over 50 admission professionals in recent weeks? And that doesn’t include all the folks trained by their own EM licensed school trainers!  Check out some of the input we’ve gotten from participants when asked to describe in a single word how they were feeling after Day 2 of our most recent Chicago workshop!
View larger image.
Recent Conference

What High School Counselors Want You to Know…Are You Ready For This? –at the FAME Conference.  Check out presenter Shannon Gormley, National Director of Enrollment Solutions as she relaxes after her presentation!

image image image

Thanks to all who attended our session!
Upcoming Conferences & Presentations

Join us at one of the upcoming conferences:

May 6th:
MACCS Conference, Troy, MI

“Compliance, Communications and Internal Controls – An Eclectic Combination of Critical Components” – Presented by Dr. Jean Norris, Mr. Vince Norton of Norton|Norris, Inc, and Mr. Bill Ojile, Partner, Armstrong Teasdale, LLP

May 11-13th:
ACICS, Ft. Worth, TX

“116 Million Reasons to Create a Culture of Compliance” – presented by Mr. Vince Norton, Managing Partner, Norton|Norris, Inc. and Mr. Bill Ojile, Partner, Armstrong Teasdale, LLP

May 20th :
MAPCCS Conference, St. Louis, MO.

“The Future of the Admissions Profession...What You Need to Know for Ultimate Success" – presented by Shannon Gormley, National Director of Enrollment Solutions

June 3rd:
OACCS, Columbus, OH

“Turning Strangers into Students®: Adapting your Approach to the New Reality” – presented by Kevin Connaughton, Director of Training and Development, and Liz DiSanto, Master Facilitator, Norton|Norris, Inc.

How do you compare?
by Vince Norton, Managing Partner, Norton|Norris, Inc.

imageDo you ever wonder how your school stacks up against others across the country? Here’s a peek at two masked client schools.  School A experienced these results in January 2016 after our marketing assistance to improve inquiry/interview and interview/start rates.  As a result, their April start was up 23% over last year!  School B is a marketing client as well as an EnrollMatch school. Note the difference in inquiry/enroll and inquiry/start rates with admissions training!


Welcome to our Newest Team Members!

Aneta Aneta Krzywosz

Aneta attended Loyola University Chicago and graduated with a major in English and a minor in Sociology and Women & Gender Studies. She works with the assessment and marketing teams as a project coordinator and is enjoying the new experiences. She believes in lifelong education and loves discovering the new and unknown. In her spare time, she enjoys playing video games and board games, entertaining stray cats who visit her house, people watching, and experiencing ‘Tales from the Trail’ firsthand.

Matt Parker
MattMatt attended Michigan State University and graduated with a degree in Political Science. After a few years in the political world, Matt transitioned to Nn to work as a Junior Media Buyer/Marketing Project Manager and is not missing the hectic lifestyle of politics at all. In his spare time, he enjoys brewing his own beer, smoking meat, and cheering on his Michigan State Spartans sports teams.
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